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Domaine La Rochardière,

A natural stage on the Loire à Vélo®, between Savonnières & Villandry

The Domain

The Domain La Rochardière

The Domaine la Rochardière is situated near the main (in the) village of Savonnières – 2KM to the castle of Villandry-, on the southern hillside of the Cher River, at only 20 meters from the bicycling Loire à Vélo.

When we first arrived on the site, we were captivated by the wild and natural side of it, however requiring some restoration on the inside to make it livable and on the outside to give it its current nature centric aspect, and to create an access climbing the hillside.

The main house, mid hill, overlooks Cher valley. Above, the hill goes up to a glade, woods, and meadows, spreading over 2.3 hectares, sheltering the accommodations, while being at only 5 walking minutes from the main village and its shops.

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Quirky accommodations

Low-carbon outdoor accommodation is designed to accommodate 2 to 4 people,
with picnic table and dry WC, in a bivouac spirit.

The Teepee tent

Live the adventure of a true tepee, enjoyable for young and less young.

Artisanal making with a true cotton fabric on a wood floor. Let its simple and authentic decor bring back memories of your childhood, escaping and big spaces…

2 to 4 beds

Dry toilet

Picnic table

The Wigwam Tent

2 to 4 bedsThe shape of a 5-meter diameter, half sphere, visually opened on the environment and the sky vault, this tent is ideal for a romantic or family night, gazing at the stars and planets before going to a dreamful sleep…

2 to 4 beds

  Dry toilet

Picnic table

The barrel

Pine barrel, settled above a troglodytic cave, linking the viticultural past of the site and its current wine tourism activity. With a view on the Cher, you will be able to enjoy pirouettes of swallows, terns and wild ducks looking at a sunset over the Cher, in all intimacy in a wood cocoon…

  2 to 4 beds

Picnic table

The Gobi tent – coming soon

This tent is made of cotton fabric, built as a circus tent with only a central mast as a structure. Settled in a meadow circled by tall grass and centenarian trees, for an immersion in the deep countryside…

2 to 4 beds

Dry toilet

Picnic table





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The Hosts

Christelle & Jérôme

Sharing, friendliness, simplicity, curiosity, authenticity

Sharing, conviviality, simplicity, curiosity, authenticity

Coming from Berry – in the center of France, at the end of our university studies in Tours, we choose to stay in Touraine for its softness and its way of life. Lovers of nature, and countryside, we settled in Savonnières in 2001, for its bucolic surroundings, while also being close to the city Tours. In 2006, we were charmed by this house -typical of Tours- and its setting, surrounded by centenarian trees, with a view from the hill on the plains of the confluence and the valley of the Cher.

Loving the richness of nature and all it could bring in well-being and in energy resources. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to share this privileged environment. First, we thought of holiday cottages, then of a bivouac reception and finally of the eccentric rental in order to offer a lodging to the numerous bicyclers of La Loire à Vélo who would like to stay in a place liked to nature, while also being close to the shops.

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